Durable and non - fading window graphics for indoor and outdoor use. High resolution (1800 dpi), vivid colors, long lasting. Any size up to 5 x 50 feet.

Window graphics is a perfect solution for retail window advertisements, sales and promotion posters, window decorations, parties and events, vehicle sticker and more.

This product is so much more than your regular, old window clings. No more cling or static. The Micro-Suction Technology leaves zero residue and is easy to apply, peel off, and reapply in just seconds. They are the perfect solution for retail window advertisements (indoor or outdoor) or window decorations. You can order window graphics up to 52 inches x 100 feet for all materials listed.


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Available surfaces include:

  • Clear Window Clings are made from an optically clear Polyester material of a 4 mil caliper. It is designed to seamlessly showcase logos, fonts, and designs without adhesive and pre-cut letters.
  • White Window Clings are printed on an opaque Polyester Film of 4 mil caliper. The white clings are an excellent surface to showcase vivid images and easy to apply on larger surfaces.
  • Frosted Window Cling is a semi-transparent PET Film with a matte surface similar to sandblasted glass. This material is perfect for creating a unique and attractive effect for your logos and signage.

All 3 types of window clings are designed for non-adhesive applications, providing a secure ‘cling’ to the window for temporary or long-term use. All surfaces are fade resistant for up to 1-3 years and work on Glass, Metal & certain types of plastics (non-porous surface). They do not shrink or expand when the temperature changes and are water-resistant, meaning they can be cleaned using standard window cleaners.

Perforated window film is a 6.3 mil White PVC face with black back, designed for one-way visibility. These window graphics, when applied to a flat glass surfaces create advertising on one side but  allow the ability to “see-through” from the other. The product is coated on one side with a removable, clear, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. All window graphics available up to 52 inches x 100 feet. 

We offer 3 different perforation options:

  • 80/20 perforation means 80% printable surface and 20% open area. Use this option to show the most image possible.
  • 70/30 perforation is 70% printable surface and 30% open area (1.4mm holes). This material is ideal for allowing a little more light in.
  • 50/50 with gives you balance between image density, and still allows half of the sunlight to come through yours window.

All 3 options are easy to install, repositionabe, no residue left behind when removed when used indoor and outdoor use. This product is suitable for long-term indoor and short to medium term outdoor use. Fade resistant for up to 2 years. Works on Glass and Plexiglass.

If you need other specific materials, please request a quote. New materials may not be listed.


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