Imagination and creativity with vibrant and customizable floor decals? Then we got you covered! Designed to make a lasting impression, our service for floor decals are the perfect way to showcase your unique brand and add a touch of magic to any space.

Personalize your floor decals with your company logo, artwork, or promotional messages, and watch as they transform your floors into captivating storytelling canvases.

But it doesn't stop there! We offer high-quality floor decals are not only visually stunning but also incredibly durable. Crafted with premium materials, they are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for retail spaces, trade shows, events, or even your own home. They are easy to apply and remove, ensuring hassle-free installation and no damage to your floors.

What are you waiting for? Step up your branding game and create an immersive experience with our customizable services for floor decals. Whether you want to promote a new product, guide customers through your space, or simply add a touch of playfulness, our decals are here to make it happen.

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Our floor decals are printed on a range of tough, durable adhesive materials with UV gel ink. They can be used indoor and outdoor as advertising graphics, directional traffic signage, branded social distancing, and more. 

At Printshape website, you are able to create (on your own or with the assistance of one of our designers) custom floor solutions for a trade shows, your business's sales and events, stores and studios graphic, or even wedding. In addition to matte printing on vinyl matte finish, we can print glossy ink on matte, which creates a unique effect. 

Floor graphics are printable up to 100 x 100 feet (max single panel width is 52”) for variety materials, including heave textured vinyl for high traffic area and unique clear grit coated (non-skid) outdoor vinyl for concrete and asphalt.

Available materials:

  • 7 mil PVC film is anti-slip with a sandblast textured finish and coated with a pressure-sensitive removable acrylic adhesive. This material is best for short to medium-term indoor floor graphics but is not recommended for extremely high traffic areas, exterior asphalt/concrete, or carpet. The film is B1 & M1 fire certificates and meets the R10 anti-slip specifications. 7 mil Caliper, 85% Opacity.
  • M-dot is a thick and textured 8mil vinyl designed with a unique dotted adhesive pattern for fast application and easy removability. It can be easily applied to walls, doors, windows, furniture, floors… any smooth surfaces, without the use of additional tools. Perfect for short-term indoor campaigns. Caliper: 8 mil, Opacity: 98%, White Matte, light textured finish.
  • Textured Floor Vinyl is a thick (20 mil!) and heavy-duty material. It can be quickly applied on almost any surface including tiles, marble, concrete, linoleum, porcelain, vinyl, and more. Best suited for medium and long-term use, it can even be used on textured surfaces and surfaces that get wet. This vinyl is ideal in point-of-purchase, shopping malls, museums, supermarkets, pharmacies, and even as safety reminders in shower and pool areas. It provides an extremely secure, slip-resistant, and chemical-resistant surface. Caliper: 20 mil, Opacity: 100%.
  • Floor tattoos are a new type of commercial floor graphic. Your design is printed on a clear background and works best on white floors. Caliper: 20 mil, Opacity: 30%.
  • Anti-slip Outdoor Vinyl is an extremely heavy-duty, non-skid, clear grit coated outdoor white non-PVC film. This product is designed for use on outdoor sidewalks, streets, and parking lots at schools, venues, parades, sporting events, etc. Coated on one side with 2 mils of an aggressive, permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive, it bonds extremely well to flat or slightly rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt. The outdoor durability is 2 years on vertical surfaces and up to 1 year on the ground for pedestrian traffic. No lamination is required and it inherently slips resistant due to the extreme texture on the printable surface. 13.5 mil Caliper, 85% Opacity.

If you need other specific materials, please request a quote. New materials may not be listed.


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