Transform your advertisements, logos, or designs into captivating masterpieces! Introducing our revolutionary printing technology featuring raised ink and textured effects on a wide range of materials including PVC, ACM, polystyrene, acrylic, and more!

What makes our printing special:

🔹 Individual approach: from small business card with 3D logo to large wall art print with volumetric oil painting effect. Each order is calculated individually according to the client's needs, desired materials, sizes, and other parameters.

🔹 Wide choice of materials: Regardless of whether you need printing on PVC, ACM, polystyrene, acrylic, metal wood or any other material up to 2" thick, we can bring your project to life.

🔹 Original textures: We offer a wide selection of textures, from classic wood grains to artistic relief, to make your design unique and distinctive.

🔹 Professional service: Our experienced specialists are always ready to assist you with implementing your project. We will help you finalize your design and prepare a file for three-dimensional printing.

This technology allows us to create prints with raised elements that can be felt when touched. We use high-precision printing methods with innovative technology to add an unusual texture effect to your projects.

Thanks to this capability, your advertisement or design will stand out among others, attracting more attention to your brand or product. We are ready to adapt this technology to your specific needs and create a unique result.

To order, simply click the "Quote" button, and describe your project. Our specialists will contact you to discuss the details  and calculate the cost.