Like bumper stickers, we have all seen window decals of stick figure families and honor roll students. This product is yet another way to mark your fleet vehicles, advertise your business, or print art to share. The mico-suction technology of this product leaves no residue and is easy to apply, peel off, and reapply in mere seconds. They can be applied to both inside and outside of the car.

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Available surfaces include:

  • Clear Window Clings are made from an optically clear Polyester material of a 4 mil caliper. It is designed to seamlessly showcase logos, fonts, and designs without adhesive and pre-cut letters.
  • White Window Clings are printed on an opaque Polyester Film of 4 mil caliper. The white clings are an excellent surface to showcase vivid images and easy to apply on larger surfaces.
  • Frosted Window Cling is a semi-transparent PET Film with a matte surface similar to sandblasted glass. This material is perfect for creating a unique and attractive effect for your logos and signage.

All 3 types of window clings are designed for non-adhesive applications, providing a secure ‘cling’ to car windows for temporary or long-term use and are are fade resistant for up to 1-3 years. They do not shrink or expand when the temperature changes and are water-resistant, meaning they can be cleaned using standard window cleaners.

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