Foam board signs, also known as foamcore signs, are lightweight and portable signage solutions ideal for various applications. Their compact design makes them easy to transport to different locations and display at events or in-store. They are commonly used for creating large visual aids for presentations, informing customers about promotions, and indoor signage needs.

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The standard variation of the order uses a lightweight Foam board, but we can use any other brand under the order, such as 3A FOME-COR, UltraBoard Classic, UltraBoard Plus, UltraBoard Peel N’ Stick, Gatorfoam, GATORPLAST, Duna CORAFOAM and Laminated Dry Erase Foamcore.

And even such exotic options as UltraBoard Aluminum

And also we are not limited only to white color and we can print on colored Foamboard material on request. The presence of White ink in our machine allows you to print a white layer under the image elements and get bright contrasting details even on black material.

Technical parameters and advantages of foam board signs: 

  • Lightweight: Foam board signs are easy to carry and handle due to their lightweight nature, making them convenient for transportation and installation.
  • Portability: Their compact size and lightweight construction make foam board signs highly portable, allowing them to be used in various settings and moved as needed.
  • Professional appearance: Despite their lightweight design, foam board signs offer a professional appearance, making them suitable for business presentations, retail displays, and indoor signage.
  • Versatility: Foam board signs can be easily customized with graphics, text, and logos, making them versatile for different marketing and informational purposes.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other signage materials, foam board signs are often more affordable, providing cost-effective solutions for businesses and organizations.
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