PVC and PET banners are great material for promotional posters, temporary signage, eye-catching displays. Widely used indoor and outdoor, custom printed banners is cost effective way to deliver your graphic and messaging to customers.

We use the most advanced digital printing technology with UV gel ink, for high durability and longevity of your custom printed banners. The ink is GreenGuard Gold certified, safe for environment, and does not fade at the sun. 

We offer a wide range of banners for any budget and for any task. Including our favorite 3-layer 15 oz PET banner with a silky smooth matte surface.

You can order any size up to 60x600 inch. 

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Banners are an inexpensive, versatile, and reliable option to display your message. Ideal for both reusable short-term business promotions or permanent commercial signs. 

Digitally printed at 1200 dpi resolution with durable odorless ink.

All materials are available in custom sizes with customizable designs. Widely used as signage for trade shows, seasonal sales, events, sports, birthdays, parties, graduations, and even weddings.

We do not print on a cheap Chinese banner of dubious quality. On the contrary, we offer a collection of high-quality banners, including thick and smooth scrimless options for a premium look.

All banner surfaces listed are available up to 62 inches x 100 feet. Aditional options are available on request.

Banner options include:

  • 13 oz. Scrim is constructed with high-tenacity denier polyester yarn and encapsulated in PVC film on the front and back to give you great durability and excellent print quality. Ideal for indoor or outdoor banners. Smooth print surface. Available in a matte and glossy finish. 440gsm
  • 8 oz Mesh Banner is designed with special knitting and balanced construction. This material is coated with liquid PVC to allow approximately 40% open space for airflow. Removable liner.
  • 13 Oz. Double-sided Blockout is our smooth double-sided printable option. Yarn is woven into an 18x18 thread count, attached to an opacifying layer, then encapsulated in a natural white PVC to give a balanced print performance on both sides. 440gsm.
  • 18 oz double-side printable smooth banner. High-tenacity yarn woven into 28x28 thread count is attached to opacifying layer and then encapsulated in a natural white PVC to give a balanced print performance on both sides. This option is lay-flat and anti-curl. Ideal for harsh weather conditions outdoors. 610 gsm.
  • 12oz PET Scrimless Banner. Lightweight scrimless banner to give “no curl” applications with grey layer for 100% opacity. A smooth surface allows for an excellent, high-quality image.
  • 15 oz Scrimless PET banner has a white silky smooth matte surface fused with a heavy-weight PET film on the front and back for strength and dimensional stability. The exceptionally sturdy 15-mil banner can withstand outdoor use and works in retractable banner stands. Matte extra smooth surface. 510 gsm.

If you need other specific materials, please request a quote. New materials may not be listed.

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