Posters and signage are widely used from small boutiques to large malls.

They can be found in shop windows, inside business centers, and outdoor in the streets... even at home. Our collection of surfaces work for stand-alone posters, hanging posters for sales, window posters, framed kids poster... the uses are endless. We print it all.

Choose your size, material, and quantities and you can be sure we will print high-quality posters for you. All material listed can print posters up to 52 inches by 100 feet.

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Available poster surfaces include:

  • Economy Poster Paper is a solid, reliable choice for short-term poster runs. This option's 2 sided coating gives you posters the look and feel similar to offset magazine pages, despite the small thickness. Starts at $1 per square foot! 125 gsm / 5 mil Caliper. Opacity: 88% Whiteness: < 130 CIE. Available in Gloss and Matte (satin) finish.
  • Photo Paper is an economical choice without sacrificing image quality for a variety of poster products. This material is ideal for window displays, backdrops, tradeshow displays, POP displays, and many others. 8 mil Caliper, Basis Weight: 200 gsm, Opacity: 92%, Whiteness: <138. Available in Gloss and Matte (satin) finish.
  • Heavyweight latex saturated paper is our best option for long-term indoor and short-term outdoor posters. This paper is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and Class A flame Rating ASTM E-84. Due to the durable UV-gel ink we print with, posters on this paper no longer require lamination, even for outdoor use! 10 mil Caliper, Basis Weight - 212 gsm, Opacity: 95%, Whiteness: 81.
  • Commercial grade, Type II certified non-woven material for wall cowering. 20oz heavy vynyl with 5 different textures, including Canvas, Linen, Grasscloth, Suede. 
  • Opaque paper is a thick and durable coatet paper. 100% opaque and the images do not show through to the other side. Eco friendly alternative to the thin plastick. With a bright white coating on both sides, this paper is recyclable, environmentally friendly, PVC free, and is designed for use as environmentally sustainable blockout banner. It is also suitable for sewing and grommeting. 12 mil Caliper (Basis Weight - 320 gsm), Opacity: 100%, Whiteness: 97.

If you need other specific materials, please request a quote. New materials may not be listed.


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