Wallpaper Panels are a new and convenient solution compare to traditional wallpaper rolls. Pattern on each panel starts at the top, and each panel have a lenght of a wall. There is no need to cut from roll to match the pattern repeate. 

Wallpaper Panels have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many manufacturers add wallpaper panels to their assortment. Sometimes they duplicate popular wallpaper designs in ne form of wallpaper panels with increacing repeat size.

For wallpaper designs with large bold elements, it is the only option, since the repeat does not fit in the width of one roll. You can find more and more Multi-panel wallpapers on the market.

You can choose Wallpaper Panels length to match your wall height. Better way to get right amount of coverage. Easy to work with, no pattern waist.


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As a standart, we offer two most common width - 20.5 inch and 26 inch. For height, we offer 4 sizes:  

3 feet height for small project or as a large sample, 

6 feet height for wainscot walls or for furniture / cabinets decoration,

9 feet - works for about 90% of walls,

and 12 feet for high ceiling rooms.

Also, we can print any panel size from 10 to 60 inch width and up to 60 feet long by custom order. 

Materials options include:

  • Heavy non-pasted latex saturated paper, common choice of professional wallpaper installers
  • Pre-pasted paper for installation with water instead of wallpaper paste
  • Textured wallpaper - same non-pasted latex saturated paper, but a little thicker and with textured finish.
  • Type II certified non-woven material for commercial buildings. 4 different finishes: flat matte, suede, canvas, grasscloth. Our odorless and durable UV inks  GreenGuard Gold certified and safe for use in schools and hospitals. 

If you don't find panel size you need, click "Request a Quote" button and specify material and sizes you need. We have 30+ wallpaper materials with width from 18 to 60 inches.

We need one full repeat to print your Wallpaper Panels.

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We are proud to be a trusted member of the DreamScape Print Provider Network (PPN), authorized to produce exceptional wall coverings using their premium media.With our expertise in wall covering printing and commitment to quality, we offer our clients the opportunity to transform their spaces with vibrant designs and stunning visuals on DreamScape's innovative materials.

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