Introducing our Perforated Window Film—a game-changer for businesses seeking visibility and style.

This innovative film offers a dual advantage: from the outside, it showcases vibrant graphics and branding, while from the inside, it maintains visibility. Its micro-perforations allow for an unobstructed view from within while turning your windows into a canvas for eye-catching displays.

Perfect for storefronts, offices, or vehicles, this film provides privacy, UV protection, and a professional look. Elevate your space with our Perforated Window Film, where visibility meets aesthetics seamlessly.


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We offer 3 different perforation options:

  • 80/20 perforation means 80% printable surface and 20% open area. Use this option to show the most image possible.
  • 70/30 perforation is 70% printable surface and 30% open area (1.4mm holes). This material is ideal for allowing a little more light in.
  • 50/50 with gives you balance between image density, and still allows half of the sunlight to come through yours window.

All 3 options are easy to install, repositionabe, no residue left behind when removed when used indoor and outdoor use. This product is suitable for long-term indoor and short to medium term outdoor use. Fade resistant for up to 2 years. Works on Glass and Plexiglass. Check local laws for use of product on vehicle windows as it may vary by state.


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