Perforated window film is a white opaque 6 mil (150 micron) self adhesive PVC film with white printable face and black adhesive back. Specially designed for one-way visibility on windows. These stickers allow custom branded signage to be displayed on a storefront's windows, vehicle windows, glass doors, and any transparent smooth surface without blocking light. 

These easy-to-install window graphics, when applied to a flat glass surface, create advertising on one side but allow “see-through” from the other side. 

We offer several different window films options with 4 grades of transparency. Starting from most popular 80/20 film with 20% openings (small dots) for better image visibility. In case when more light is needed, you can choose 70/30, 60/40 and 50/50 film, with 30% 40% and 50% openings for better light transmission.

Completely transparent window film also available there.

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Perforated window film is an ideal solution for any commercial and retail use for displaying brand graphics, seasonal sales, events, holiday deals, etc. 

We use durable, vivid and non-fading UV-gel inks for long-term usage. The product is coated on back side with a removable clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for easy installation.

All window graphics available in sizes up to 58 x 600 inches. 

We offer 4 different perforation film options:

  • 80/20 perforation means 80% printable surface and 20% open area. Use this option to show the most image possible and still getting some light through.
  • 70/30 perforation is 70% printable surface and 30% open area (1.4mm holes). 
  • 60/40 - 60% of image and 40% openings.
  • 50/50 allows half of the sunlight to come through yours window, but image is less visible. Not recommended for small windows or graphics with small details.  

All 4 options are quick and easy to install. Thanks to removable pressure sensitive adhesive, film is repositionabe, and no residue left behind when removed.  

This product is suitable for long-term indoor and short to medium term outdoor use. Fade resistant for up to 3 years. Works on Glass and Plexiglass.

If you need other specific materials, please request a quote. New materials may not be listed.

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