Digital direct printing on glass unlocks new set of features in Home Decor, Construction, Design and Art. We using most advanced UV digital printing technology. 6 picoliter droplet size, 8 colors, hight density white ink. 

Advanced software plus our expertise and experience allows us to offer unique printing effects on glass. A semi translucent pattern, or a bright color photo, natural looking onyx stone... We can recreate the effect of antique glass, with pure transparent or clouded colors. Recreate the black lines separating the glass (yes, we can print image elements up to 1/4 inches thick). Moreover, the surface of the material will also be uneven like a real century-old glass.

Photo quality high resolution printing directly on back side of the glass gives a great depth effect and high gloss look. In addition, the image is protected from mechanical damage and fading by the glass itself.

Here are just some applications of direct printing technology on glass: 
- Glass doors and partition walls
- Storefronts and office partitions
- Glass counters, tables and furniture
- Kitchen cabinet fronts and splash-back 
- Wall art for hotels, homes and commercial
Digitally Printed Glass looks chic, durable and allows for vibrant and detailed images to be applied directly onto glass surfaces. 
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Advantages of UV Printing on Glass:

  • Safety: inks are free from toxins, GreenGuard Gold certified, making glass prints safe for kids and pets 
  • Durability: UV ink is very durable, resistant to water, oils, alcohol, and cleaning agents, They do not fade in sunlight, maintaining brightness over time
  • Image Quality: Resolution is comparable to standard photo printing, ensuring clarity and color saturation. Deep colors and Smooth color transitions
  • Convenience: Inks cure under UV light, simplifying the process without requiring extensive preparation.
  • Cost-effectiveness: UV printing on glass is affordable. Unlike traditional analog printing methods, digital printing on glass does not require matrices and handwork 

Where UV Printing on Glass is Used:

This technology finds wide applications in interior decoration of residential and office spaces, creating exhibition stands, window and storefronts. Images can be printed on glass furniture, mirrors, showcases, doors, panels.

As an option, we also able to print directly on clear acrylic. Same print quality and exceptional gloss look but 2 times lighter and 10 times impact-resistant and flexible constructions. 

UV printing on glass opens new horizons for designers and advertisers, enabling the creation of unique and attractive objects and items with high-quality images and long-lasting look. 

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